The BCEEA is an independent, member-based non-profit organization that represents non-unionized employees working within the BC public sector. An association that is made up of voluntary members, we ensure our services and support are as unbiased, relevant and as beneficial as possible. Our Board of Directors is an elected body that represents the best interests of our members. In 1975, we kicked off operations as the Association of Managers in Government, a government-appointed advisory committee and the first unified voice for excluded employees in British Columbia. Since then, we’ve existed solely to provide services, support and learning to BC Government excluded employees.

During the ensuing two decades, the government began to consult regularly with us. They approved a 3.5 per cent general pay increase for managers, established a new Management Compensation Program and even invited us to represent excluded personnel at the 1992 Korbin Commission, which examined HR practices within the health, education, public service, post-secondary and community social services sectors, including crown corporations.

By 1999, we had signed two Memoranda of Understanding with government, which recognized our role as representatives of excluded employees. In the year 2000, our 25th anniversary, we changed our name to the British Columbia Excluded Employees' Association.

The reason? To clarify that we support all excluded employees—and not only managers. The following year, membership leapt by 20 per cent. Since then, we’ve continued talks with the government concerning the necessity of expanding staffing levels, redefining job classifications, upgrading timekeeping systems, improving compensation and maintaining and expanding benefits.