Communique: The Puzzle of Performance Pay


The BC Excluded Employees’ Association raised a series of issues with the BC government regarding compensation. We are delighted that BC government leaders listened and heard your concerns and these issues are starting to be addressed. As a status report from the information we collected from you in November 2018 regarding compensation, we are seeing some important changes.

The BC government is moving on three big issues.

Wage compression and inversion are beginning to be addressed. And government is taking a look at performance-based salary inequities. By the end of 2018 for many people your wages have caught up. Yes, you read that correctly. The BC government has increased salaries for excluded employees and at the end of last year salaries tracked with the consumer price index increases and the wage increases negotiated for unionized employees. However increases in 2019 for included employees may have eroded some of those gains, those impacts will not be clear until the end of 2019. We also want to acknowledge that these are broad norms and that there are still individuals whose compensation concerns are still unresolved.

Despite these changes, we had an overwhelming response from you that performance pay is neither well understood nor is it administered consistently across ministries. Performance pay, or more technically known as the “performance based in-range movement”, is the increase in salary you may receive for demonstrating superior performance in your job.

More than one third of you said you didn’t know how salary increases were determined and many of you believe that an increase in pay was tied to either an increase in cost of living or an increase granted to all excluded employees.

In short, performance pay is a puzzle. It’s not well understood or well communicated. We will meet with senior leaders in government to communicate your concerns and put forward some options. Please read the article and share it with your co-workers..

I will give you updates on this issue as our discussions with the BC government continues.

Liz Gilliland
Executive Director
BC Excluded Employees' Association

Mike Kelley
BC Excluded Employees' Association

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