Do I have to be worried about the employer’s reaction if I join the BCEEA?

Absolutely not.  Our largest group of referrals comes to us via the BCPSA. We are seen more as a partner with a shared interest: successful managers in the BC Public Service

Who does the BCEEA support?

All employees who are not required to join a collective bargaining unit such as the BCGEU or PEA are eligible to become members.  This includes any managers, Schedule “A” employees and employees appointed by an Order in Council.

Is the BCEEA like a union?

Not at all.  Our focus is on supporting and advising members through the unique lens of a management perspective.

How much does membership cost?

Membership fees are 0.4% of your base salary plus we cap the fees so that you will never pay more than $400 per year.  So for less than the cost of 2 chai tea lattes a week, you can get all the benefits and support the BCEEA offers.  Dues are deducted bi-weekly via Telus payroll.

Are BCEEA fees tax -deductible?

They sure are!  Under Section 8(1)(i) of the Income Tax Act, all fees paid to maintain membership in an association of public servants are tax-deductible.