How We Help

How We Help

Need a confidential, unbiased sounding board to check your thinking about a puzzle at work? Do you have a technical answer to an HR problem but lack a strategy to implement it? If you are unsure about an issue or a relationship at work, we’ll use our management savvy to help you map out a strategic approach.

In a Jam

Just received severance notice? Caught in the middle of a serious workplace overhaul? Facing disciplinary action? If you’re stuck in an employment crisis, we’ll help you face the issues head on.

We listen to your concerns and bring issues to the surface, especially when they affect your employment or benefit situations.

We’ll help you understand exactly what’s going on and provide up-to-date information and advice. Plus, you’ll have access to our excellent referral network of professional service providers (lawyers, pension advisors, counsellors) who can lay out your legal, financial and pension options, plus your BCEEA membership can make your situation easy on the mind, and easy on the wallet.

Members have access to an excellent network of lawyers, and can have up to $500 of their legal fees reimbursed.

When you’re facing a difficult crisis the BCEEA will be with you every step of the way.

Career Growth

Whether you’re looking to improve your current position, or to jump into a brand new career, we’ll help you make the most of your opportunities. We can help you revamp your résumé, review a job application, prepare for an interview, and develop a strategy. If you aren’t sure what direction to go in, we can set up career networking meetings that will help clarify your ambitions.

When you need additional training to help you realize your career goals our lively learning events will give you the insight, knowledge, and tools necessary to keep on top of change.

When retirement is in your sights, the BCEEA will help you plan for a stress-free, happy lifestyle. Members of all ages receive two free personal consultations with a respected retirement consultant, as well as access to ideas and information that will make your transition as smooth as possible.

Community Support

As the voice of excluded employees, we always have our members’ best interests in mind. An independent, member-based organization, we have represented non-unionized members in the BC public sector since 1975, existing solely to provide services, support and learning that you won’t find anywhere else.

We not only research and document issues that impact all excluded employees, but also share, discuss and resolve your concerns by working with key players, including the BCPSA, the Deputy Minister to the Premier, and individual Deputy Ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers.

When a policy change, governance shift, or set of sweeping changes carry ramifications for excluded employees you will gain the benefit of a deep perspective here, and learn how we can collectively address the challenges.

I Have a Question

Your role as a manager can sometimes come with more challenges than guidance.

You may find yourself backed into a situation you’re not exactly sure how to resolve.

Sometimes you just want a sounding board, an informed independent insight, or that critical “second set of eyes” opinion.

As a BCEEA member you can access decades of collective managerial experience.

You will have the opportunity to talk your question through with someone who fully understands your circumstance, and has the expertise and insight to help you find resolution you need.