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The BCEEA supports post-secondary education and is pleased to provide this year’s scholarship and bursary opportunities for our members. Detailed information about BCEEA’s 2019 scholarships and bursaries (up to $1,000 each) and application requirements, including the Bursary application form is available here. In general: Eligible applicants include BCEEA members and relatives of BCEEA members in good standing a minimum of 12 months prior to making an application. Notification of the scholarship and bursary awards will be given to successful applicants by end-September. Bursaries and scholarships are paid directly to the successful applicants upon receiving proof of full-time enrolment in an accredited educational program. Scholarships: Applicants for the scholarship must be registered, or in the process of being registered, as evidenced by an institutional acceptance letter, as a full-time “first year” student in an accredited program of study in a public university, university college, college or technical institute in Canada. Students who take a break between their last year of secondary school and their first year of post-secondary education are also eligible to apply. Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and community service. Transcripts, references and written documents are required. Bursaries: Applicants for the bursary must have successfully completed at least one year of post-secondary education, and be continuing their post-secondary studies, as a full-time student, in an accredited program of study in a public university, university college, college or institute in Canada for an upcoming educational session. Bursaries are awarded based on financial need and community service. Transcripts, references, written documents and a statutory declaration are required. The deadline for applying to BCEEA, with all required materials submitted, is September 19, 2019. You may submit the application by fax to[…]Read More